Saturday, November 13, 2010

Marinna, Mila, Anais and Jana on top of Leeukoppie
It's a long walk
Marinna and me on top of Leeukoppie
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Ruben have so much to say
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Mila in the yard at Power Boats in Trinidad
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November 2010

Where has the year gone to? It feels as though it was Christmas yesterday. So here we are almost at the end of 2010. I am still in South Africa and miss my boat and cat. Fortunately I have someone looking after Milo the boat cat and Mila the yacht is safe on land and in storage at Power Boats Marina in Trinidad. Hurricane Tomas came very close to Trinidad, but no damage were reported. The hurricane season is ending soon. Plans are to visit Chaguaramas in Trinidad for a few days over the festive season, to make sure that all is ok with Milo and Mila.
I was blessed this year to become the grandfather of my first grandson Ruben. He was born on September 6th and all went well with baby and mother. It was worth the time spent not sailing , to wait for Ruben's birth.
My granddaughters Mila, Anais and Jana are growing so fast and it is a delight to have them around. They each have their own personality and it is such fun to see them developing. Marinna and I took them to climb Leeukoppie and it was great fun. I made it but I am sure that the mountain has grown higher since I went up 15 years ago.
I promised my children that I will be in South Africa for the Christmas season and as it is my 70th birthday in March, Plans are to return to Mila later in the year. I am still in two minds where to go once I put Mila back in the water, carry on cruising in the Caribbean and Venezuela or to sail down to Rio. I have very nice memmories about Brazil and would like to spend more time in the south. In the meantime I am kept busy in my sons office.
We are all healthy and have so much blessings.
To my family and all my friends wherever you are I wish you a very blessed Christmas and a happy 2011
Till later

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend in Port Owen

Spent last weekend on the houseboat in Port Owen. My friend Paul Stuyck had his 80th birthday party at the Port Owen Yacht Club on Friday evening and we had a nice celebration.
I bought my first Alfa Romeo Gulia from Paul in 1960 new out of the box for R2600.00. Our friendship goes back a long time. For a man of 80 he is still very active and plays his part in the community. If you need something done, ask Paul he delivers.
Paul was one of the founder members of the Vogel Vlei Yacht Club where he was also the commodore. They moved to the West Coast and Paul was asked by the municipality of Langebaan to establish the yacht club there. He became the commodore of Langebaan Yacht Club.
The Stuyck family then moved to Port Owen where Paul and his wife have been very active in the community. Paul was the commodore of the Port Oven Yacht Club several times. He had several yachts and boats and all of them named Lucky Lady.
We watched the Stormers sweeping the floor with the Bulls at Michael and Vera’s house on Saturday. We celebrated the win with a delicious snoek braai and lots of red wine.
All for now

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time for an update

Time flies it was Christmas yesterday and we are nearing the end of April. I had plans to go back to Mila at the beginning of April, but my daughter is expecting and as it is going to be the first grandson, Oupa promised to be here. The baby is expected in August, so if all goes well I will be leaving for the Caribbean in September. I am counting the days to get back. We get spoiled by the cruising life, no traffic and not the daily rush.
I am helping my son in his business, that keeps me busy.
Till next time

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Contact details

If friends want to contact me they can do so via email
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Sailing Catamaran Spice

Spice was built in Trinidad and being involved in her building it was sad news to learn that she was damaged hitting an underwater object with one of her dagger boards, this collision caused damage to the hull. She started to sink and Jim, the owner beached her. The beautiful Spice is a total loss. I feel very sorry for Jim and Rosalina as they worked hard to realise this dream.Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 08, 2010

Christmas 2009

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From left to right Anais,Mila and Jana

The year 2010

The holiday season came and went, all to fast. We are well on our way into 2010
and who knows what lies installed.
The newness of being in South Africa is wearing off. Traffic and politics are in the news. Road accidents and death is daily news, busses are taken off the road due to drunk drivers, and and and. Politics, this makes one sick. Zuma just got married to his 5th wife, in this mornings paper he is allowed to take 3 of them on official visits. Imagine what this will cost the tax payer. The only white face on the soccer board were replaced by a black one. Workers at Sun City have been striking since early December due to demands. Strikes are also effecting beverage manufacturers. They complain being jobless but give them a job and they strike, is this not madness.
The sun is shining outside and we don't have snow and ice. The South Easter is pumping in Cape Town.
I am looking forward to being on Mila again and to sail the Caribbean.
All for now.