Friday, January 08, 2010

The year 2010

The holiday season came and went, all to fast. We are well on our way into 2010
and who knows what lies installed.
The newness of being in South Africa is wearing off. Traffic and politics are in the news. Road accidents and death is daily news, busses are taken off the road due to drunk drivers, and and and. Politics, this makes one sick. Zuma just got married to his 5th wife, in this mornings paper he is allowed to take 3 of them on official visits. Imagine what this will cost the tax payer. The only white face on the soccer board were replaced by a black one. Workers at Sun City have been striking since early December due to demands. Strikes are also effecting beverage manufacturers. They complain being jobless but give them a job and they strike, is this not madness.
The sun is shining outside and we don't have snow and ice. The South Easter is pumping in Cape Town.
I am looking forward to being on Mila again and to sail the Caribbean.
All for now.

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