Sunday, November 06, 2011

Time to say goodbye

The plan was to spend three months in South Africa. It has been two years now and it is time to join Mila and Milo my cat in Trinidad. It has been a fantastic time in South Africa, seeing the grandchildren growing and to be part of the successful team to have helped my son in his business. I can leave this time fully assured that all is in place and that things will go well. He has employed a very charming lady for his office with a lot of bookkeeping experience. She knows Pastel and she has a nice way of dealing with the customers.

I am leaving for Trinidad on the 25th November and can assure you that I am not looking forward to the flight. Again it will be three days to get to Port of Spain with long stopovers in the Emirates and New York.

Hopefully it will not take to long to get Mila ready for the launch. I need to do some varnishing again and paint the bottom. Mila the boat cat will have to get use to the boat again as he had a free range in the yard now for the past two years.

Plans are to launch Mila and then set sail for Tobago to do the rest of the maintenance.

I have decided to sail Mila back to South Africa so I will sail her solo to Brazil. Visit some friends in Salvador and the continue south along the coast to Rio and then eventually to Uruguay.

I will have a crew member joining me there and then try and do the crossing to Cape Town before the winter sets in. This is plan A but as we all know cruisers  always have different plans and options. I might spend a season amongst the islands of Ile le Grande in Brazil, who knows!!!!

I will update the blog as soon as I get to Trinidad

Cheers for now