Monday, June 19, 2006

More news from Bahia

After spending some time in the marina at Centro Nautico, had to go there as Graham and June departed for England. I sailed to Itaparika and anchored in the bay. We were three boats from Centro Nautico, Freedom with Larry and Tracey on board and Pythaes 111 with Francois onboard. Larry and Tracey are from Ireland and Francois is from France. We traveled the Island by combi and frequented the Bistro on the marina. Sipping caipirinhas and watching the sunset.

While at anchor in Itaparika I received the dreadful news that Taurus a muira from Cape Town with Regardt and Lilly onboard, dragged anchor in the harbour of Maceio and was wrecked on the rocks. This was shattering news, as we were together the previous week in Centro Nautico. They were going to come with us to Itaparika and then decided on the last minute to rather continue north. Regardt and Lilly are safe, but I have no news regarding their boat.

Tracey had to leave for Ireland to attend to family affairs and Larry had to leave for the marina at Centro to do maintenance on Freedom. That left me and Francois to do river exploring and anchoring. Our first anchor spot was in the mouth of the Rio Paraguacu, looks like paradise. We anchored 20 meters from shore with 6 meters of water under the keel and named the spot Sandy Bay. White beach complete with palm and coconut trees, a fresh water shower and to think we had this all for ourselves.

Friday we left for Marogogipe to be in time for the Saturday morning fresh market. Friday evening Francois and I were invited to a pasta evening on board Yan and Eveline Ruffin's boat called Reve D'Oceans. They are from France. Also invited were Guido and Patricia, their boat's name is Damischa Ridda. Saturday evening we all had a South African braai on Mila.

Sunday we went upriver with two rubber ducks to explore the mangroves and bird life. We rafted the two ducks and had a bottle of chilled white wine and Patricia spoiled us all with a lovely home baked cake.

We were at anchor at Maragogipe for a week, and it rained all week. The water is muddy and not nice to look at. At long last we up-anchor and moved again to Sandy Bay. Francois on Pytheas had to go to Bahia Marina to use the travel lift for some maintenance. After two days in Sandy Bay Mila's water tanks were getting empty and I decided to go and fill up in Itaparika Marina. While on anchor I had a call from Willem. He is from Holland and I met him in Port Owen while he was there with his yacht. Willem is married and his wife and 10 year old son lives in Salvador. I left Mila anchored in Itaparika and went with Yan and Eveline to Centro Nautico. Willem was there, and we spent the afternoon chatting and enjoing a few beers. To soon I had to say goodbye, to be in time for the last ferry boat to Itaparika.

That's all for now