Thursday, July 05, 2007

Port Owen on the West Coast of South Africa

I am still in South Africa. Would have thought that by this time I would be back on Mila and sailing in the Caribbean, but things don't always work out as planned.
After a successful operation to my elbow and hernia, I wanted to return, but my son ask me to help him in his business and I ended up reorganizing his office and getting systems in place. Had to teach myself to use pastel.
This keeps me very busy, but we have an agreement, that I am only doing this till October. Plans are to do a delivery of a catamaran to the West Indies during Nov/Dec. This will give me a great opportunity to stock-up with food and spares for Mila.
Mila was sailed to Trinidad by Thomas and Johness and after some time in the marina they got Power boats to take Mila out and put her on the hard.
Thomas and the family did a great job to take all the sails down and store everything in side. Power Boats fitted a temporary air con over one of the hatches, so Mila will be dry and without mildew when I get back, hopefully. It is wonderful to have friends like the Pinions, they really go out of their way to help me.
Thomas and Johness had to leave Trinidad for a few weeks as their visas expired, but they should be back in the marina soon. Milo the boat cat is sailing with Alex and Dom. The cat has done more sea miles than me!!!!
When I came back from overseas, I mentioned that South Africa is still the same with power cuts and crime. Little did I realise that the crime issue would come so close to my own skin. My son in law returned from work with his daughter, opened the gate and garage door with the remote, drove into the garage and as he got out of the car they were confronted by three blacks with firearms. His daughter 14 years old got a revolver stuck into her tummy, she then started screaming and they both were taken into the house. My daughter then came out of the bedroom and were confronted by this lot. Two of them took her back to the bedroom and took jewelry and cash that she had in her bag. They all got tied up and were told that they would be shot if they should make a sound. The robbers then loaded my son in laws car and took off with Hi Fi's TVs and computers. Fortunately they were not hurt physically, but you can imagine the trauma that they all went through. Chelsea, the daughter had to go for treatment.
This is only one incident out of hundreds that happen everyday in this country and then our President have the audacity to say that crime is under control and that the citizens have nothing to worry. Perhaps if he spends more time in South Africa, and not trying to solve the problems of the rest of Africa, he would be more aware of the crime and murders that this country face.
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Chef Lucas said...

I agree with you Marius.
It is time for the people of South Africa to actively do something about this since the Government seems in capable of doing something.