Saturday, May 09, 2009

More on the Grenadines

One is inclined to draw comparisons of the lifestyle and general living conditions of the places that one visit. For me the most outstanding, if I have to compere Trinidad to the places that I visited up north would be the weather. Although they have a lot of rain in the Grenadines it is not so humid and in Bequia in the evening it became quit chilly. For the first time in a year I had to put on a T shirt sitting outside on deck. The trades seems to cool it down and make life more comfortable. Trinidad has it downsides, but as far as prices are concern for foodstuff it is still the cheapest place to stock your boat.
Walter and I wanted to buy a watermelon on Union Island but after we heard the price the taste became sour in our mouths. The 14lb watermelon cost R300.00 that's about 35US. In South Africa I could buy 30 watermelons for that price. Beer was R28.00 (3US) per can and a local guy in a fishing boat wanted to sell his lobsters for 100 EC that's about 38 US each.
Eating out in the restaurants can be expensive but if you go and eat with the locals you can still find good food as a reasonable price. You just have to be content with the loud music.
St Vincent like Trinidad has to many cars on the road but the people are friendly and they welcome the yachties

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