Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fortaleza to French Guiana

We, that is Taremaro, Springtime, Watussi and Mila decided to stay the weekend in Fortaleza and leave on Monday the 23rd October. We all set off in a nice breeze early the morning and very soon Mila left the others behind. From Fortaleza to De Grad des Cannes in French Guiana is 1035 nautical miles, and I anticipated that it would take Mila 7 to 8 days to cover this distance. All in all I had a very fast trip and did it in six days. The second day the wind blew 34 knots with very large swells. This made for very uncomfortable sailing as the wind was on the beam and with the spray and waves breaking against the boat, one got drenched in the cockpit. We were planning to visit the Island Lencois but with the strong winds and swells we decided to give it a wide berth.
It is a tradition amongst the cruisers to have a drink on King Neptune when you cross the equator the first time. As this was my first time, I had a beer on King Neptune at 11.37 Wednesday morning, and ask him nicely to give us less winds and calm seas. There must have been a misunderstanding because the next days I had no wind. This forced me to start the engine and motor for some hours.
During the stormy conditions, Milo the boat cat, had a party as there were an abundance of flying fish on the deck. For two days he totally ignored me, as we had strong words. It is not nice to tramp on dead fish 3 o' clock in the morning.
Rob on Taremaro and Allan on Watussi decided to join me and visit De Grad des Cannes. I laid a course for De Grad and arrived this morning, Sunday, anchored in the river near the marina and expect Rob and Allan to join me Monday morning.
It is beautiful and calm here with very lush trees and vegetation. Plans are to stay here for a few days and then join the rest of the crowd at Isle du Salut.
That's all for now and will tell you more with my next update.

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