Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More news from the Island of Itaparika

The sad part about sailing is that you make so many friends on yachts, and then one day they leave.
Francois on Pytheas 111 left for France.
The last email that I received from him was from Ponta Delgada and he was going to sail to Gibraltar within the next few days. Yan and Eve left for Trinidad and so has Guido and Patricia.
I have been sailing in the rivers and to the islands.
It is winter in Salvador so its rain and rain and rain.
We have had constant rain here for two weeks, with no blue sky.
Fortunately the weather seems to change now and winter is slowly but surely coming to an end. The days are warming with more and more sun.
I was in Itaparica for some time and Larry on Freedom came to join me there before he set off to Trinidad.
I received an email from him and he is doing well.
Just left Recife for Fortaleza.

Mila is entered for the yearly rally from Recife to Fernando de Noronha.
My son Hennie and his wife is joining me, so I am looking forward to this event.
They are expecting about 80 yachts to participate.
This is a yearly event and very popular with the sailing community.
The Cabanga Yacht Club have ask me to represent South Africa at a flag raising on the 21st of September.
The rally starts on the 26th of September.
Mila is at present in the marina at Cenab and I have to do some maintenance on her.
I will sail for Recife the last week of September if the weather permits.
Milo the boat cat is doing well.
I am going to tie a paint brush to his tail and see if he can help me with the varnishing.
That's all for now
Until later

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